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Milwaukee Achiever | Adult Literacy Services Milwaukee Achiever | Adult Literacy Services

PI 5.09 Referral Form


Milwaukee Achiever's PI 5.09 Program is a high school equivalency (HSED) option for adults (18.5+) who are interested in developing their skills and applying them in the real world. The program is based on the Common Core State Standards which emphasize communication skills in speaking, listening, and writing across content areas. PI 5.09 learners are assessed through their performance within the class and projects, rather than standardized testing. The PI 5.09 program is a holistic approach to learning which incorporates career readiness and health.

For more information on a HSED, please visit: http://ged-hsed.dpi.wi.gov/files/ged-hsed/pdf/ged_faq.pdf
For more information on PI 5.09, please visit: http://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/code/admin_code/pi/5.pdf

Applications will be accepted through May 5th. Learners will be mailed a letter of Acceptance the third week in May. Please make sure we have the correct mailing address. Classes will begin the week of May 22nd.



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